DRG Stimulation Image of Head and Spine

DRG Stimulation: A Clinically Proven Therapy

DRG stimulation’s effectiveness has been proven in the ACCURATE study, the largest randomized neurostimulation clinical trial that compares conventional tonic SCS with DRG stimulation, to treat CRPS.1 The findings demonstrate DRG stimulation enhances your ability to:

  • Deliver superior pain relief: Research has shown that DRG stimulation is clinically superior to conventional tonic SCS in treating lower extremity pain (i.e., foot, knee, hip, groin) associated with focal chronic intractable pain, due to CRPS.1 The stimulation of the DRG allows for the ability to precisely stimulate specific regions of the dermatome that is otherwise difficult to individually target with broadly applied traditional SCS.2
  • Treat more patients: DRG stimulation provides a therapy option for patients with focal chronic intractable pain, due to CRPS, who were not optimal candidates for conventional tonic SCS.1
  • Provide stable pain relief: In the ACCURATE clinical study, long-term results show stable pain relief at 12 months compared with conventional tonic SCS.1

Expanding the Treatable Patient Population

The Axium™ Neurostimulator System is part of our chronic pain portfolio. Our vision is to transform the management of chronic pain by expanding the range of neurostimulation options available and setting a new standard of care to help improve the lives of more patients. Read more about our approach to chronic pain management and the Proclaim™ DRG neurostimulator system.