Overactive Bladder & Fecal Incontinence

MD Pain is a leading provider of specialized care for individuals experiencing overactive bladder (OAB) and fecal incontinence in the Denver area. Our experienced medical professionals are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of patients suffering from these conditions, offering comprehensive treatment options tailored to each individual.

Experience in Overactive Bladder & Fecal Incontinence

At MD Pain, we understand the profound impact that an overactive bladder and fecal incontinence can have on daily life. Our clinic boasts years of experience in diagnosing and treating these conditions, utilizing the latest advancements in medical technology and evidence-based practices.


Understanding Overactive Bladder & Fecal Incontinence

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a condition characterized by a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate, often accompanied by urinary incontinence. Fecal incontinence, on the other hand, refers to the inability to control bowel movements, leading to involuntary leakage of stool. Both conditions can significantly impair bladder and bowel function, affecting an individual's quality of life and self-esteem.


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Comprehensive Treatment Options

At MD Pain, we offer a range of treatment options to help manage overactive bladder and fecal incontinence. One such option is Axonics Therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that targets the nerve and muscle processes involved in bladder and bowel control. Axonics Therapy has shown promising results in restoring bladder and bowel function, offering patients a renewed sense of confidence and independence.

In addition to Axonics Therapy, we also provide traditional treatment modalities such as behavioral therapy and medication management. Our team works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and goals.

Addressing Underlying Causes

We recognize that overactive bladder and fecal incontinence can stem from a variety of underlying factors, including injury from vaginal childbirth, rectal prolapse, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Our multidisciplinary approach involves thorough evaluation and diagnostic testing to identify the root cause of the condition, allowing us to tailor treatment accordingly.

Restoring Function and Confidence

Our ultimate goal at MD Pain is to empower our patients to regain control over their bladder and bowel function and improve their overall quality of life. Whether you're struggling with urge incontinence, stress incontinence, or a combination of both, our compassionate team is here to provide the support and guidance you need to effectively manage your symptoms.


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Why Choose MD Pain?

  • Experienced team of medical professionals specializing in overactive bladder and fecal incontinence
  • Comprehensive treatment options, including Axonics Therapy
  • Personalized care plans tailored to each individual's needs and goals
  • Multidisciplinary approach addressing underlying causes and contributing factors
  • Commitment to restoring function and confidence in our patients' lives

If you're tired of letting an overactive bladder or fecal incontinence dictate your life, schedule a consultation with MD Pain today. Let us help you take back control and live life on your terms.


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