Pain Management Doctors in Highlands Ranch CO

The doctors, physical therapists, and specialists at MD Pain provide advanced pain treatment and management services to help you get back to the joy of living.

We are committed to delivering solutions with the utmost care and compassion in a supportive, judgment-free zone.

Whether you’re dealing with back pain, knee pain, foot pain, or something else, we will develop a treatment plan to deliver pain relief.


Why Choose MD Pain?

Pain is one of the most significant factors contributing to poor quality of life, and our mission is to treat and resolve even the most challenging cases. While we have extensive experience across virtually all conditions and diagnoses, we approach each patient as an individual, not an ailment.

By having an exceptionally skilled and experienced team, we can achieve favorable outcomes for our Highlands Ranch patients, and we look forward to helping you live pain-free.


MD Pain Management Solutions

We help Highlands Ranch residents with pain and chronic pain conditions stemming from injuries, illness, degenerative issues, and more. We elevate the quality of care to maximize your comfort as you heal from pain and get back to enjoying life.

Some of the pain conditions we help with include:


Back Pain

Most adults experience back pain during their life, stemming from various causes such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, sciatica, and overexertion.

It is rare for this type of pain to resolve on its own. Visits to a chiropractic or physician’s office may offer relief, but for severe or recurring conditions, it is often best to seek the expertise of a pain specialist.

Spine Pain

The spine includes the neck and back, and pain in this area can significantly affect your comfort, mobility, and ability to complete daily tasks. 

The cause of spine pain can be a muscle strain or the result of arthritis, disk degeneration, or other causes. Our team will evaluate your symptoms and advise on a treatment plan to improve mobility and eliminate pain.

Neck Pain

Pinched nerves, bone spurs, and rheumatoid arthritis are common causes of neck pain. At MD Pain, we offer a variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive solutions to provide effective treatments without further disrupting your life.  

Knee Pain

We rely on our knees for more than getting us from Point A to Point B. Knee pain can range from sharp pangs to aches, which worsen as time passes. When rest doesn’t result in recovery, the team at MD Pain can diagnose the underlying cause and recommend effective treatment.

Hip Pain

While hip pain is generally observed in older individuals, younger people also encounter this symptom. MD Pain’s treatment modalities include injections, joint stabilization, decompressing spinal nerve roots, and pain management.

Foot and Ankle Pain

The stress of daily living can result in pain in the foot and ankle area. Determining the root cause is the first step in developing a plan to provide pain relief.


If you are experiencing any of these pain symptoms, contact MD Pain today to schedule a consultation.

Long Haul COVID Treatment

SARS-CoV-2 had long-lasting effects on our health. Approximately 30% of people who contracted the illness and manifested symptoms have an inflammatory response referred to as Post-Acute Sequelae, or Long Haul COVID.

The symptoms of Long Haul COVID are persistent and uncomfortable, but MD Pain provides symptom relief through a treatment called “stellate ganglion block” at a reasonable cost.


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