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If you're dealing with chronic pain, you know how debilitatingit can be. If it's left untreated, it can have a negative impact on your quality of a life. You may feel like you've tried everything to find relief, but nothing has worked. MD Pain is here to help. Our providers are dedicated to helping patients find the relief they need. Our medical expertise and extensive training in many fields of medicine, rehabilitation, chiropractic care, and healthcare services offers you the best holistic pain support and can ensure you get the benefit of living your best life.

Why Choose MD Pain?

We offer a variety of pain management services, including medication management, interventional procedures, massage therapy, and physical medicine. Whether your pain stems from old sports injuries, a recent car accident, or just daily wear and tear, MD Pain's plan options can work for you. We work with each patient to create a customized management plan that meets their individual needs. Our team of anesthesiologists and doctors provide pain management services using groundbreaking technology to ensure that you are feeling relief quickly and effectively.

We provide a range of support to every patient who requires our services in the Aurora Co area. If you're ready to take control of your pain and get your life back, we are here to help. Visit our website to schedule a consultation with MD Pain today.

Hip Pain

Pain in the hip area can be extremely uncomfortable whether you are walking, standing, sitting, or even laying down, preventing you from doing even the simplest of tasks. It is not possible to function at your best when you are constantly feeling pain. Chronic pain in the hip can be caused by many different factors such as a congenital abnormality, a sports injury, arthritis, or lumbar spine issues. Call the specialists at our Aurora hip pain treatment clinic to determine the cause of your pain and get you on the path to a pain-free life today!

Lower Back Pain

Many people experience back pain at some point in their life. For most, this pain can be eliminated by chiropractic sessions, physical therapy, or over-the-counter remedies. However, chronic or acute lower back pain can be more serious and can lead to other debilitating injuries. We offer treatments for both conditions, including medications, physical therapy, and surgery. Common back pain causes are muscle spasms, herniated disks, bulging or ruptured disks, and spinal stenosis. Primary care physicians can help, but some pain management techniques are best left to a specialist. Don't wait until it's too much to bear, contact MD Pain clinic to consult an Aurora lower back pain treatment specialist today.

Neck Pain

The neck is a vulnerable area and experiences a lot pain due to the weight and range of mobility of your head. Pain can be caused by using the wrong type of pillow or simply stretching it the wrong way. But if you experience chronic neck pain or your pain does not subside after time, you should talk to an Aurora neck pain doctor at MD Pain to see if there is an underlying issue causing your pain. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Spine Pain

Back pain can range from muscle soreness to agonizing debilitation, and can impact our daily life functions in a major way. Something as simple as getting dressed, working, or just walking can be disrupted by back pain and could cause further injury to our back, neck, hips or legs. Having a spine pain specialist complete an examination to determine the cause of the pain and treat it correctly, is imperative. Contact an Aurora Spine Pain doctor today at MD Pain, to talk about which effective back pain plan will work for you.

Knee Pain

If you like to take evening walks to wind down your day or enjoy playing in the yard with your kids but find yourself sitting out because of pain in your knees, you should seek the assistance of a medically trained specialist. Knee pain can prevent you from doing the activities you enjoy, but there are treatments can help. Contact MD Pain today to schedule a consult with an Aurora knee pain specialist and get back to a life you enjoy.

Ankle Pain

Ankle and foot pain can prevent you from doing the simplest activities from walking, driving or  standing. Pain in the foot and ankle can be caused arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, bruised or torn tendons, or sprains. Whatever the cause, it's important to get it treated right away so it doesn't cause other issues to the back and body. Contact MD Pain for an Aurora ankle pain treatment specialists to get a complete diagnosis and start feeling better today.

We are dedicated to delivering integrated care to the greater Aurora, Colorado community that is of the highest quality and focuses completely patient satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We have a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including specialize physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, and other professionals who have all undergone extensive training that will work with you in a holistic manner to identify the source of the pain, eliminate the pain, and provide techniques in pain management to minimize recurrence.

We focus on crafting an individualized care plan to ensure that your condition is managed appropriately and our committed healthcare specialists maintain appropriate competencies to offer the best innovative therapy for you.

If you are looking for Aurora pain management specialists, at MD Pain, we provide some of the best pain management doctors Aurora CO has to offer. We strive to offer the best comprehensive and extensive therapy plans in Aurora and surrounding Colorado areas.

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Wellness is a priority as health care specialists and pain management is a crucial part of your health and well being. MD Pain offers the best in Colorado pain care and is always accepting new patients. If you're experiencing discomfort from pain, our providers offer expert services and therapies to improve your pain symptoms and ensure your specific needs and concerns are met every step of the way.

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